Rent Cadillac Escalade - White in NJ and NY from Stretch one limo

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Rent Cadillac Escalade - White in NJ and NY from Stretch one limo

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Cadillac Escalade is the latest limousine that can seat up to 18 people. The VIP area at the rear is an exclusive and elegant feature. This stylish limousine comes with beautiful exteriors as well as a fantastic interior. The stunning cover features upgraded chrome wheels in different shades of unique hues. The interior is gorgeous. It has luxury facilities like LEDs, fiber optic lighting, disco, and laser lights.

Additionally, there are bar areas with complimentary water/soda and surround sound systems. The inside is like seventh heaven with the mirror-star disco ceiling. It's impossible not to leave! Call us today and reserve the space anywhere in NJ and NY regions.

The style and capacity have made it best suitable for significant events and events such as the occasion of a wedding, birthday, or a party for club members. It is ideal for corporate events, special occasions, celebrations, sporting events, nights out, and other limousine transportation services. This limousine is an excellent choice for those seeking the best in luxury, style, and comfort. The security of the customer is assured as the chauffeurs and all staff members have been prepared to ensure the event is a success. They will also attend to the needs of any customer. The guests will enjoy an unforgettable limo ride thanks to all these amenities and a warm, welcoming staff. The pictures you see online are exactly what you'll get. Additionally, the rates are surprisingly reasonable and there is no doubt that the luxury double axle Cadillac Escalade Limo in New Jersey is the one everyone has been looking for since the beginning.

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