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Stretch one limo and its associates as well DBA's and sister concern companies are not able to guarantee the availability of cars or reservations if a client makes a reservation less that 12 hours before their flight , or on the same day. We advise customers to contact us via text or phone at (212) 201-0720 to determine if the car is available. Stretch one limo is not accountable for any failure to provide the transport services as promised. In such cases, the damage to the customer will be limited to the unutilized amount of the ticket we have purchased. Stretch one limo is not liable for any personal belongings left behind by customers, whether within or outside the vehicle. If you've lost anything in your vehicle, notify us immediately. We'll be delighted to assist you in finding it. The driver is accountable for any damages to the vehicle caused by them or any other passengers in their travels.


Cancellations are allowed. Please contact (212) 201-0720 via call or text for any cancellations or by email at [email protected] one limo. But, a cancellation charge will be deducted from your credit card if the trip isn't cancelled within a time period allotted. To avoid fees for cancellation, customers must notify the customer service representative at least 24 hours prior to the pickup time and 6 hours before pickups in the immediate vicinity.


We will not be responsible in the event that you do not show up, cancel or divert passenger flights or trains. If we don't receive any notifications of cancellations or delays, and if we cannot reach the contact person who was registered within 15 minutes of the time for pickup then your ride is deemed to be an absence. Therefore, ensure that you arrive at the pickup point that you are assigned, or notify us regarding any changes in your Stretch one limo reservation, since this can result in a penalty for no-shows that is equal to the full cost of the journey and any additional charges.


Customers are required to supply the credit card information in advance for the pre-approval of purchases made with credit cards. This is done to prevent fraud, and not to pay for the travel. When making a booking using credit or debit cards, the initial charge of 150 percent of the price that is quoted will be credited to the card in order to guarantee the estimated total with fees associated with the trip, tollsand parking, gratuity, extra stops, as well as any other time or off-hour surcharge. The balance is removed after the Stretch one limo service has been completed.


Stretch one limo luxury sedans and Stretch one limo sedans are able to accommodate no more than 4 adult passengers with 3 standard-size luggage. Our SUV is able to accommodate at least six passengers and six standard-sized luggage. When making a reservation, the customer agrees to the vehicle's maximum capacity for passengers, and is responsible for ensuring it does not exceed. Stretch one limo can stop the journey without reimbursement if the client fails to adhere to the limits.

Privacy policy Stretch one limo ensures to maintain and protect the privacy of its customers. The personal information recorded by us is used exclusively to bill customers. It isn't transferred, sold or shared to third-party businesses. In order to ensure our clients get the most efficient Limo Service in NJ, we make use of the latest secure and encrypted payment gateways. This lets us guarantee secure online transactions as well as protect against identity theft, fraud, or duplicate transactions. The transactions are all processed in US dollars.

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